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Strategy Consulting and Development

Corporate strategies are difficult to develop, but easy to explain.
In theory, the strategy follows the business objective and tactics of the strategy. However, this logic runs the risk of companies being so concerned with tactics and operational excellence that they fail to see if they are still pursuing the right goal with the right strategy
Once an organization becomes accustomed to processes and rules, it is usually lacking in the willingness to proactively adapt to changing circumstances, as this is accompanied by the development of new business goals, new business strategy, and new business and organizational development functional strategies incl. tactics and measures.
Together with you, we work out the future strategy of your company.
Through interdisciplinary business development measures, we support you in changing the company beyond the actual strategy consulting. We develop strategies and measures for the realization of future business opportunities, changes of business models and the development of new sales markets and customer groups. Through business development measures, we work with you to establish established business areas in completely new markets, design new business models for existing products or optimize business processes using business-oriented systems in order to increase the profit contribution.
Which products and services are you currently successful with? Which products and services will you be successful with in the future? This is about nothing less than the determination of the future key concepts and thus the viability of your company.

Strategy development is simplified according to the following scheme:
Defining goals (business strategy)
External analysis (customers, suppliers, network partners, competitors)
Internal analysis (willingness to pay, financial structures)
Develop Competitive Advantage (Cost, Differentiation and Transaction Benefits)
Develop competitive strategy (competition in the market, game theory)
Adapt organization to strategy (delegation, incentive systems, organization)
Do your strategies still fit the needs of the markets, or is it time for a review?

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