Training NLP Basic und NLP Practitioner (DVNLP)

NLP is a communication model with approaches from psychology, hypnosis and linguistics.

The application is very diverse and ranges from coaching to leadership and sales.
Simply put, NLP is a very effective tool for achieving goals.

Whether it's corporate, organizational or individual development, NLP methods and models focus
on changing postures and attitudes. It is about the changeability of the "how" and not about the "what". Therefore, NLP is particularly suitable for achieving objectives and for resolving a wide variety of

What are your benefits?
* Optimization of your own communication
* Realization of personal and professional goals
* Performance even under load and stress
* Further development of individual skills and
* Solution and goal-oriented thinking
* Development of effective action strategies
* Strengthening and clarity in change processes
* Authentic and confident appearance
* Development and strengthening of leadership and
  coaching skills
* At the Institute for Mental Coaching, NLP is trained
  according to the guidelines of the DVNLP (German
  Association for NLP):
* NLP Basic (recognized in Lower Saxony as an
  educational leave)
* NLP Practitioner
* NLP Master (from April 2019)

In-house training, tailored to individual needs, is possible!

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